Script Scraper

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The problems that we want a computer to solve should be broken down into separate tasks. The steps involved in a tasks can be described in a function. Each time we want to complete the task we don't have to repeat the steps in code, we just call the function.
function outputNameToConsole() {
        out.println("Hello World");
This function can be called in the following way.
It will output the text to the console
>>Hello World
To allow functions do do various things we must provide different variables for the function to operate on. Variables passed into functions are known as arguments.
function outputNameToConsoleName(name) {
        out.println("Hello " + name);
Now the function can have different results depending on the argument provided.
outputNameToConsoleName("from Script Scraper");
These two calls will output.
>>Hello from Script Scraper
>>Hello World

Good program design functions should be kept short and should only solve one small problem. When bigger problems need solved we should create more small functions.