Script Scraper

Pull Data from the Internet into Excel Spreadsheets.

Creating a spreadsheet by copying data from an Internet browser and pasting it into an Excel is tedious work.
Now you can automate this process and avoid wasting time.

In A Nutshell

  • Modify an example script to get your data from the Internet.
  • Adjust the Excel template to get the format you need.
  • Refresh the spreadsheet by pressing the run button.

JavaScript Based

JavaScript is widely used and loved programming language. With the latest E4X features included JavaScript is the idea language for scraping data from HTML pages.

Examples Included

The built in help will get you up and running.
The following example projects can be modified to suit your specific data needs.
  • Financial Information: Stock data from Yahoo.
  • Sport Statistics: Baseball scores.
  • Real Estate: Re-Max listings.
  • JavaScript: Features of the language.

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